Zoran Colic
Factory Manager, explains

Dear visitor, welcome to the SpotCooler factory, located in Belgrade, Serbia.

Our factory has been built in a modular way, in order to be able to expand as and when needed.  Subcontractors have also been chosen based on their capacity to increase the components production.

Choosing Belgrade in Serbia for the Factory was not by chance.  The city in general and this industrial area in particular has a workforce that is highly qualified .

We are happy to say that for all the SpotCooler units, the complaints have been few, and all issues have been swiftly dealt with.  Just in case, we keep a 24/7 hotline, plus a team of Engineers travel-ready and standing by.

During the years we have received some recognition, the one that we are the most proud of is the Govt of Serbia award for Excellence.SmartES award






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