The SpotCooler is an efficient and unique cooling system for flowers, vegetables and fruits.  Welcome to our website.

Briefly explained, we use the continuous flow of air to cool.  Because our airflow is fan-less and creates no humidity, the flowers, vegetables and fruits likes us.

Reduce the wastage

The wastage depends on the temperature and humidity during the entire chain of logistics.  Before arriving your supermarket your flowers, fruits and vegetables would likely have seen changing temperatures at the farm as well as during transport.

If you have traditional logistics and cooling you would probably have a wastage in the region of 6% to 9%.  Unfortunately SpotCooler alone cannot solve your problems of wastage because we only cool the last part of the journey.  However, for most of our installations we have seen the wastage inside the supermarket reduced by half.

Reduce the electricity bill

The Fruit and Vegetables section is usually a cold part of the store.  With SpotCooler you focus the cooling directly to the produce intended.  Unintentionally cooling other parts of the supermarket is necessary no more.

For a single SpotCooler C3 replacing traditional cooling, the measurements show a reduction in the yearly electricity bill by atleast 1000 (one thousand) Euros.

Save time for your staff

Traditional cooling is sometimes organized in such a way that the flowers, vegetables and fruits at the end of the day goes into the supermarket coldroom.  Bringing the produce back and forth every morning, every evening, takes time.  Let your staff do things that are more useful.   Leave the flowers, vegetables and fruits with the SpotCooler.

Transporting and stocking the equivalent of one C3 (largest SpotCooler) twice in one day, realistically takes up at least 40% of one position.

Goodbye to fruit flies

We never liked them anyway.

Because of the continuous flow of air, the flies will no longer disturb your fruit.


Sell more

After preserving the environment, this is the strongest reason to choose SpotCooler.

Basically there are two reasons why you will sell more.

There is no humidity in the cooling, so the corrosion and weight loss is reduced. Depending on the type some produce would weigh 2% more for 2 days.  Fruit and vegetables are sold by weight, so heavier means more sales.

The flowers, vegetables and fruits generally look better preserved.   In their colour and texture they look fresher.  There are studies stating that the quality of the fruit and vegetable is today a factor when customers are deciding on which supermarket.  Once there the quantity purchased depends on what looks healthy and fresh.

The sales in your supermarket would depend not only on what you sell, but also on factors such as competition and the season.  Nonetheless the SpotCooler should ordinarily increase your Flower, Vegetable and Fruit sales by at least 12% (twelve percent).

Taking the decision

After using the same traditional cooling fridge for years, you are probably a bit skeptical to new technology.  We understand.  Although please note that the SpotCooler technology is not so new anymore.  Anyway, we have tailored a program specifically for new clients.  We call it the “1-3-5-10”.

In your supermarket we will place a brand new C3 SpotCooler unit.  The first 3 months it will be free.  It is a trial period where you can measure the positive sides, including the feedback from your regular customers.

After the 3 months you can return it, or enter into a leasing option.  The first agreement will be for 1 (one) year.  If you decide to extend, the second agreement will be for 3 (three) years, then 5 and 10 years.

The pricing will depend on whether SpotCooler can use the existing cooling infrastructure (outdoor unit) already in your supermarket.

For a complete C3 indoor unit we charge one amount per month, and another amount if the outdoor unit is also needed.  This excludes VAT, but includes installation, maintenance and replacing every 5 years with a completely new equipment.

Pls note: depending on your country we may need a bank guaranty to cover the value of the SpotCooler.  The units available for trial period is limited.

For returning customers

Thank you for your continued interest.  As you know we are quite flexible.  You can reach us anytime.

Warm regards

Simon Simonovic
Sales Manager

+381 63 23 8880 / +47 998 70 781
[email protected]

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