Arne-Ivar Sundseth
Chief Technical Officer, explains

The SpotCooler

SpotCooler is a ceiling mounted cooling solution used in supermarkets.

Because it cools without spreading water, the SpotCooler preserves flowers, vegetables and fruits more efficiently than all other traditional methods.


The technology was born in a small city not far from Trondheim in Norway, more than 10 years ago.  We have then improved and industrialised.

Today there are many installations, mostly in Scandinavia.


Satisfied for now with the SpotCooler.  Our research center in Leksvik is focusing on developing other products based on the same technology.

This is a technology that makes sense for many applications.  Have you ever asked yourself: if I only want to cool down this or that, why am i cooling down the entire room ?


EU approval

the SpotCooler Research Center in Mosvik, Norway.

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